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4 Awesome XML Sitemap Generators


An XML Sitemap a special type of webpage aimed at search engines. It contains a complete list of all your pages and related information so that search engines can better understand your website/ blog content.

By submitting a sitemap you guarantee that search engines know about your new and updated content as soon as it is available, ensuring you get the best possible chance of having your content indexed and searchable quickly.

Here are 4 great examples of free online XML Sitemap generators.

This is perhaps the best online XML sitemap generator out there right now. It has a modern and clean interface with lots of options. They also offer a free more advanced version of their online service for Windows.



In our test we found the service to be quick and response. It reliably produced a number of outputs including an XML sitemap, RSS feeds, a simple HTML sitemap and even a sample robots.txt file.

Another neat feature is the ability to save your sitemap settings which is really useful for when you need to update your sitemap and have made various configuration changes.

Unlike others this online sitemap generator also offers the ability to create image sitemaps which can give your website improved coverage and an SEO a boost.

The website offers quite a lot of support materials albeit that some of the screen shot look a bit out of date and there is a regularly updated blog with useful tips, information and FAQ.

Check domains is another top XML Sitemap Generator worth a look. It has a nice clean user interface and a range of configuration options.



Whilst slightly less comprehensive we felt this sitemap generator gave a good blend of control and simplicity. It had a useful set output options and also had a video option to boot.

Whilst the UI is clean and simple it isn’t mobile friendly or responsive, but that probably isn’t a deal breaker for most people who will most likely be using a laptop/desktop PC.

Is a well-established online XML sitemap generator and is probably one of the earlier sitemap generators. Whilst it hasn’t really seen any significant improvements in recent years, it still remains a strong if a somewhat limited XML Sitemap generator.



The service is limited to a maximum of 500 pages with only a few options for customisation, but for  the fairly obvious reason that they want you to upgrade to their paid service.

The user interface is certainly one of the better ones that we have seen but again it isn’t mobile friendly.

SmartSeoTools offer an XML Sitemap Generator service that is similar to most of the run of the mill sitemap generators in that it offers a relatively basic set of features.



We felt this one was noteworthy as they had put a little bit more thought in the UI which is fresher looking and responsive to mobile devices.

They also provide the option to limit the number of pages, but we’re not sure why you would need this as the important thing is to ensure that all of your pages are in your XML sitemap.

Whilst not particularly advanced this is the simplest online sitemap generator if all you want to do is enter your website address and click “go”!


Whilst it is great from a simplicity point of view, many of the others allow you to do exactly the same by just ignoring the more advanced settings and options.

So we’re not 100% sold on this one but it represents the other end of the spectrum in terms of simplicity and configuration options.

Again the user interface is pretty clean and straightforward, but isn’t mobile friendly.

A few others

There are many other online XML Sitemap generators none of which we felt were particularly noteworthy, although most of them do their job in some shape or form. Typically they are somewhere between the very and the better online sitemap generators.

They will typically have a basic UI and with limited control of the sitemap generation process and just the basic XML sitemap output. Speed, performance, maintenance and support varies between the various services.

Such services include:,,,,,


An effective and regularly updated XML sitemap is an important part of your SEO strategy and with a range of free tools available there really is no excuse not to have one.