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Don’t Miss Out These Free IT & Admin Apps From Salesforce AppExchange

The following are the free apps related to IT and Administration fields that can be found in Salesforce AppExchange.

  • DupeCatcher:

No need to worry if you got duplicate, dupecatcher will help users to trace out, block and deduplicate accounts, leads, person accounts and contacts in real-time scenario at the point of entry.  Maintains complete regulation on identification and merging process. While cleaning data, knocks out fear of loss.

  • Jitterbit Cloud Data Loader:

No-coding, easy and fast integration for any Administrator. This is a free data migration app that helps Salesforce users to automate export/import of data between databases, and flat files. This app supports insert, create, delete, query, hard delete, upsert, and bulk loads.

  • Zapier:

This app hook up with Salesforce to all the apps that you use and disqualifies repetitive and tedious tasks. This app automates your complete workflow process by moving and copying data for you. In addition, this app supports more than 600 apps such as MailChimp, Wufoo, Unbounce, Stripe, Gravity Forms, Google Sheets and so forth.


  • io:

This is a no download required app for Salesforce is free and simple cloud solution to export, import and delete data quickly in SFDC. Your task exports and imports can be automated on a monthly, weekly, daily or hourly basis and export/import data from different file sources like FTP, Box, sFTP and Dropbox etc.

  • Field Trip:

Ever thought of running reports on the fields that are in Salesforce? You must have this, this app enables you to analyze the fields of any object that includes what portion of the records are populated in that field.


  • AddressTools Free:

This app guarantees users provide name of the country and state consistently with an auto-complete pick-list option and offers some additional validation features. And before adopting this, there is no requirement to clean the existing data. You can also standardize, validate and correct all the address fields with street-level validation on a pay-per-lookup basis

  • Informatica Cloud Data Wizard:

This native app of SFDC enables you easily integrate with custom objects and common Salesforce objects with cloud storage like Dropbox, CSV files, and Saas applications like WebEx, Cisco and Google apps etc.

  • Activities Tab, Mass update tasks and Create Multiple

If your are looking for multitasking activities then you must choose this app. Create multiple tasks for multiple Accounts, Opportunities, Contacts, Leads and Cases. You can do mass update for any standard or custom field along with creating task pages and customizing mass update.

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