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Grandstream Dubai, Voip Telephone System

Maybe you’ve been using the technology for quite some time now and you know that you are. But you somehow don’t really get it when they tell you it’s VoIP Phones. So what is VoIP Phones? The term is an abbreviation for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is also known as Internet Telephony or IP Telephony which is just another way of making your call either cheaper or mostly even for free! Using a phone seems not necessary anymore with VoIP because with VoIP, you can communicate only through your computer sans any of the traditional telephone systems.

VoIP has plenty of advantages over the old phone system. The first reason why most people are turning to VoIP technology is the cost. Many say VoIP is cheap, but almost everybody is actually using it for free. If you have a PC with a speaker, a microphone, and an Internet connection, then you can communicate at zero cost. If you’re a gadget junkie, you can even make use of high-tech headsets such as the plantronics voyager 510s bluetooth headset which can also be used on your mobile phone.

Using the IP Protocol over the Internet, VoIP transmits the sounds you create over a standard connection. This is how VoIP method lets you communicate without paying beyond your monthly bill. Now, isn’t it great news? Prices are soaring high but this service is practically costless and which you can use 24/7. Of course, you need to pay for your Internet line but whether or not you use VoIP, you’re still going to pay the same flat rate, so why not take advantage of it? That’s what makes this revolutionary communication system free.

However, when VoIP is used to completely replace Public Switched Telephone Network or PSTN, then that’s when it entails some cost. Still, pricing for this method is far cheaper than that of standard phone calls. This becomes incredibly useful especially when you consider international calls. Some people even claim that their international calls cost was cut down by 90% due to VoIP.

Though VoIP is a relatively new technology that has been widely accepted and used by most people as an alternative to the Plain Old Telephone System or POTS, its ever increasing use around the world is has spurred new considerations regarding regulations and security.

Today’s VoIP growth can be compared to the Internet during the early 90’s. The masses are getting more conscious of the advantages from VoIP at home or in business. That’s because it does not only allow people to save on long distance call costs but it also generates a huge amount of income to those who have explored it as a business venture.

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