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How do you choose the right file server archiving software?

Sometimes technologies stagnate. Things reach a kind of equilibrium and everyone is more or less content with the way things are. Users understand what they are meant to be doing and suppliers have established products that have evolved over time to meet their needs.

This can go on for years until unexpectedly from a direction no one expected, something comes along to shake things up. The dynamic changes and users start to question the established way of doing things. Cloud computing is a prime example of this kind of change.

There will be a place for on-premise systems for years. For anyone that handles sensitive data or that needs serious dedicated computing power on-premise system are hard to beat. What’s your is yours and as most of the costs tend to be incurred up front they can provide serious long term value.

But we are seeing cloud computing find its way into more and more companies IT systems. Cloud computing platforms provide flexibility and scalability that is really difficult to match unless you already have a significant investment in place in on-premise systems.

Office 365 online, Azure\Amazon\Google VM’s, and Atlassian collaboration tools are just a few example of where cloud computing shines. These are all example of nimble, useful and modern cloud based applications and they showcase what can be great about the cloud.

Given its modern lustre one of the last things you would expect the cloud to be use for is data archiving! As soon as someone mentions the term ‘archiving’ images of dusty old files spring to mind. But this is yet another example of where the cloud is providing to be a disruptive influence.

Picture the situation; you have an existing on-premise system. It’s reliable, powerful and fully paid for with at least 5+ years of life left in it. Everything except for one component is zipping along nicely, and it’s a bit of a show stopper.

It’s the file server…. It’s fast, it’s reliable, it’s flexible and it’s congested with 10 years worth of accumulated ‘stuff’. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to archive of all the old and unused files off to either a NAS device or even to the cloud, thus freeing up lots of space?

We’ll things have started to get interesting. It looks like a relatively new entry into the field of archiving solutions may be poised to make a serious dent in the world of file server archiving solutions. Their name is MLtek and they are a relatively new business from the UK. Actually that’s not strictly true, according to their website they have been around since 2002 but the way they are starting to leverage their main file server archiving solution is new.

In a recent article on their website entitled “Choosing the right file server archiving software” they outlined how their product was capable of archiving from any UNC path to any UNC path. Then, not long afterwards another article popped up online in the third spot on called “Archiving Your File Server To The Cloud”. If you search for them you should find them both.

In it they have revealed how they are actively looking to partner their existing product with cloud based storage. This just might be one of those moments where two different technologies combine to create a new killer application, the market for archiving solutions is huge and so far there has been very little success in the area of cloud archiving due to the ongoing costs involved. Maybe they can pull something out of the bag? Time will tell.