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Measures To Stop Yourself Being A Victim Of Identity Theft


Knowing how to avoid identity theft is one of the most important steps any individual can take today to ensure their financial security and good credit standing. Failure to learn how to avoid identify theft can result in financial loss, credit rating reverses and a tangled mess that can take years to unravel.

Unfortunately, and increasingly more so in recent years, identity theft has become more and more common. This means that someone can take personal data of yours and under the pretense that they are in fact yourself, can obtain credit with your name. This can all happen entirely unbeknown to yourself and can leave you hugely in debt, should it not be realized promptly. Consider some form of protection from identity fraud to help guard your personal information from being used improperly.

Documents can very easily be stolen from your rubbish bins or recycling boxes so invest in a cheap shredder to avoid this from happening. With only 2 proofs of addresses a credit card or catalogue could be opened in your name, and the charges billed to your own account. Destroying documents with personally identifying information on them helps protect identity theft.

Never provide your personal details over the phone. If a company phones to request to confirm details such as your name, address, phone number or even bank details before going into their reason for calling you, then refuse and hang up. There’s no way to check the authenticity of companies calling you, so request that they write to you instead, or call them back at a number you know is theirs.

Make a habit of checking your credit records regularly. They can be obtained very cheaply from the main 2 credit report companies and take only a few days to arrive. Run through each account and if you do not recognize the details, question is immediately. This could be an early indicator that someone is committing identity fraud with your own details. This important step, in conjunction with using an identity theft protection guide will help safeguard your personal information.

Shred all details even such as receipts. Most stores that you make purchases from will blank out all or part of your card number before printing a receipt. Not all do but even those who only blank out some of the important digits, the rest can be worked out from other such personal documents and then used falsely.

By using just a little common sense, you could easily combat yourself against such a sly and devious crime. It will save you much time, money and stress simply by taking a few simple steps each day to ensure the safety of your identity.