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Rennd UK – Affordable Rapid Prototyping Services for the UK

Rennd UK are one of the UK’s premium product design agencies and rapid prototyping companies throughout the UK. They service clients large and small and provide a broad range of manufacturing services available for users alike.

Whether you’re looking for an affordable 3D printing service, CNC Machining service or perhaps need materials to be laser etched, then Rennd can assist with you making the right choice. 3D Printing has recently grown in a broad range of technological advancements throughout the periods of 2005 – 2017 and now small organisations are able to offer this service to the general public for very affordable prices.


Depending on the complexity of your concept or product idea, will depend on the time it takes for a business such as Rennd to be able to complete it. If there’s a number of intricate details or specialist areas to look at within the product, then you may have to look at a different manufacturing process. CNC Machining for example is a traditional manufacturing process which has been used for over 2 decades, to provide relatively accurate designs and product build ups. However, given that products, assembly parts and improvements to large machinery requires the extra intricate details needed for that product to be compatible, 3D printing can really produce the results that you’re looking for.


You can even print in plastics, metals and wood to name a few compatible materials that are now available to have models created out of. In recent years, 3D printing manufacturing organisations have even been able to create products out of food, which is 100% safe and edible.

To get in contact with this great organisation, simply visit their website online and fill out one of the contact forms located on their website. A member of their support team will then shortly be in contact with you to go through the necessary processes and consultations to turn your product idea / concept into reality.